My Favourite Live Recordings On Youtube

Here are some standard go-to videos I listen to. I like live performances because they keep things interesting, allowing for many repeated listenings.

Tommy Emmanuel - MTV Australia Basement Tapes

1991 This was before Tommy transitioned into acoustic guitar full time. Simply one of the best guitarists in the world. Crazily in this taping he had a raging migraine (from cocaine use). Fortunately he’s all clean now and going stronger than ever!

Andy McKee - Rockpalast

2012 I found Andy McKee through his Candy Rat recordings of “Drifting”. This recording is a nice pro-shot. He’s got a cool perfect pitch guitar with slanted frets. Also, shows you even if you got fat, pudgy fingers… you can still be amazing at guitar.

Chainsaw Kittens - Norman, OK ‘90

1990 This recording is a little rough, but it you really get the feeling of the show. Chainsaw Kittens never really “made it”. But you can still hear their influence in many bands still putting out records today.

Radiohead - Live at the Astoria ‘94

1994 It took me the longest time to get into Radiohead, maybe about 5-10 years! This live DVD showcases their earlier more alternative sound. The Astoria no longer exists, what a sad story about why it was demolished.

Tragically Hip - Set at Woodstock ‘97

1999 They play all the hits that were current up to that year. Gord Downie has some hilarious banter with the crowd.

Madeon - Live mix on French radio station “Party Fun”

2015 I have been hooked on Madeon since the first time I watched/listened to his pop culture mashup. This is a live set which brings in some of his early mixes which is really well executed.

Fatboy Slim - Big Beach Boutique II

2002 Nothing beats big beat. Fatboy Slim is one of the best. The energy at this show is simply amazing and catching.

Rush - Exit Stage Left

1980 I consider Alex Lifeson one of the best guitarists of all time. Rush the best Canadian rock band of all time. Bonus for the recording being done at the Montreal Forum.

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance World Tour ‘97

1997 I cannot find a single video of the entire recording, but any singles from this tour show the lasting power of Fleetwood Mac. Do I dare admit a crush on Stevie Nicks?

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

1984 I discovered the Talking Heads through a cover of the Arcade Fire. Obviously, I had heard “Psycho Killer” and “Burning Down the House” before but I never knew who played them. The Tom Tom Club opened this recorded concert with their Genius of Love which was sampled for Mariah Carey’s “Sweet Fantasy Baby”. Just an awesome concert that was incredibly ahead of its time.

Joe Bonamassa - Live at Rockpalast

2005 Another amazing guitarist. I enjoy his live recordings much more that his recordings. This is an older recording and his singing is a lot more rougher around the edges, which I think sounds a lot better than how he currently sings.

Queen - Live Aid

1985 Possibly the best live performance of all time? Freddie Mercury was incredibly on point (when isn’t he)