Music Videos Shot In Montreal

I’ve always been fascinated with music videos that showcase a cities architecture. They are also a snapshot in time so it can be fun to remember old landmarks and old memories. Since I no longer living in Montreal, I love watching music videos that have been shot there to reminisce.

Astounded - Bran Van 3000

Shot in 2000 Lachine canal, the plateau, St. Catherine Street. Views of the Olympic stadium.

Avec Classe - Corneille

Shot in 2001/02 Shot primarily in the Eaton Centre off St. Catherine and a little bit further down the street near the bay. Then transitions onto a STM bus.

So Far So Good - Thornley

Shot 2008/09 Awesome exterior and interior views of the Olympic stadium pretending to be some alien mothership.

Alger - Jean Leloup

Shot 1987/88 The bar scenes were shot at (one of my favourite bars) the Cheval Blanc, pre expansion. Amazingly the interior is very minimally changed since then. Same tables and chairs. Same neon clock in the back.

I’m a runnin’ - Rufus Wainwright

1984 Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Travellers is one of my favourite movies from when I was younger (and all time). This music video was used for a chase scene in the movie. It shows the complexe Desjardins in its earlier days.

Montreal - Ariane Moffatt

2006 This is a fun one. I’ve made that trip home many times from overseas! Views of Trudeau airport, the exit from St. Jacques onto the highway downtown. PVM tunnel.

Libre - Les Respectables

2003/04 Shows the Turcot interchange. Which is mostly demolished now.

Where Do The Boys Go - Men Without Hats

1984? Dancing around the Orange Julep on decarie, with bonhommes. Views of the big O, possibly when the alouettes played there as it is decked out with football lines. Then at the expo dome, perhaps before it burned down?